Definition of laboriousness in English:



See laborious

‘Customary manual creation of virtual reality models of real world scenes is tedious and error-prone work as the scene complexity increases and any automation can substantially reduce the laboriousness and consequently the cost of the whole process.’
  • ‘The popularity of text messaging, as it became known, took the mobile industry by surprise, and young people even invented their own language of abbreviations and ‘smileys’ to overcome the laboriousness of typing with a ten-key keypad.’
  • ‘A self-taught pianist, she trudges through the 14 songs on her debut, One Cell in the Sea with a kind of laboriousness that distracts from her sweet soprano and tales of love and friendship.’
  • ‘The unity of the piece shifts from its poetry to its formal presence to its material, before landing on laboriousness as its central preoccupation.’
  • ‘Structure-based drug design is a technique that has been around since the 1980's but has not been fully exploited due to the laboriousness of obtaining crystal structures by traditional means.’



/ləˈbôrēəsnəs/ /ləˈbɔriəsnəs/