Definition of labradoodle in English:



  • A dog that is bred as a cross between a Labrador and a poodle.

    ‘For example, some breeders cross labradoodles with labradoodles, occasionally adding in a poodle to ‘correct’ the dog's coat or disposition, while others mix Labradors with poodles once.’
    • ‘I actually bred a labradoodle for myself, then I decided to make it a hobby.’
    • ‘People are out for their morning jog or walking by to pick up flowers and a few breakfast essentials, dressed in comfortable casual wear and often walking labradoodles or other small dog varieties.’
    • ‘Freeman and Rim have no plans for children, but they have two labradoodles, Maggie Mae and Gypsy Rose Lee.’
    • ‘Then, out of nowhere, your mom interrupts to jump on your case for not taking Murphy, the family labradoodle, out for his nightly stroll.’



/ˈlabrəˌdo͞od(ə)l/ /ˈlæbrəˌdud(ə)l/


1950s blend of Labrador and poodle.