Definition of lace pillow in English:

lace pillow


  • A hard cushion placed on the lap to provide support in lacemaking.

    ‘I have set out below the initial equipment that is necessary to start bobbin lacemaking, and on the following page information on how to prepare the lace pillow, and how to move lace up the pillow when working on a long piece.’
    • ‘Lace-women sit bent over the lace pillow, and pin up the pierced paper with the patterns that have to be reproduced on the lace.’
    • ‘This rare lace pillow dates around 1850 and is made of leather and linen.’
    • ‘My other lace pillow on the left, which is stuffed, is useful for strips of lace.’
    • ‘While there are several other types of lace pillows, the best for a beginner is a basic square pillow.’


lace pillow

/lās ˈpilō/ /leɪs ˈpɪloʊ/