Definition of lacebark in English:



  • Any of a number of trees or shrubs which possess a lacy bark or inner bark.

    an evergreen Caribbean shrub with a lacy inner bark that is used ornamentally (Lagetta lagetto, family Thymelaeaceae)
    a small ornamental New Zealand tree (genus Hoheria, family Malvaceae)

    ‘The confusion of these two species has led to lacebark elm being condemned as an inferior tree.’
    • ‘Disney World has used lacebark elm extensively in their landscape and it does very well.’
    • ‘Fairgoers interested in purchasing one of the lacebarks can visit the Preservation Tree sales booth on East Park Plaza.’
    • ‘The use of lacebark pines for decorative purposes began as long as 800 years ago.’
    • ‘A large specimen of the lacebark pine can be seen in the Town & Country Garden at Iowa State University's Reiman Gardens.’
    • ‘We have money set aside to buy more suitable replacement trees, such as kowhais, winter-flowering cherries and New Zealand native lacebarks and titokis.’
    • ‘Besides, the cone was probably not exposed to pollen of other lacebarks and the seeds were probably empty or defective, as pines don't do self-pollination well.’
    • ‘In China, lacebark pines are highly valued and are often planted near temples.’
    • ‘She said, ‘I heard there were deer in among the lacebarks.’’
    • ‘I've planted three elm trees in my yard (two lacebarks and one cedar elm), but after checking around my neighborhood of about 300 homes, I can't find a single elm tree anywhere.’
    • ‘Through West Coast forest into hillsides clothed with lacebarks and dracophyllum trees, gardens of mountain daisies and laughing eyebrights, we wound our way into the upper reaches of the Arahura River.’
    • ‘Kowhais, kauris, kanukas, lacebarks, lemonwoods, and other species surround the house lawns while older tanekahas and pines define the top boundary with Kauri Grove.’



/ˈlāsbärk/ /ˈleɪsbɑrk/