Definition of lacework in English:



  • 1Lace fabric and other items made of lace viewed collectively.

    ‘beautiful intricate lacework’
    • ‘the lacework shadow of the bridge’
    • ‘Artisans from the East and West Godavari districts have displayed an array of crochet lacework, including dress materials for children and women.’
    openwork, lacework, tatting, netting, net, tulle, meshwork, mesh, webbing
    1. 1.1The process of making lace.
      ‘Neil Dawson's sculptures are always stunning: light and delicate three-dimensional drawings in air, shadow and metal, occupying a space between engineering, lacework, pop art and post-minimalism.’
      • ‘She enjoyed knitting, crochet and lacework, which she put to use in making toys.’
      netting, net, network, tracery, reticulation



/ˈlāsˌwərk/ /ˈleɪsˌwərk/