Definition of lachrymosely in English:



See lachrymose

‘Its wild swings between the lurid and the lachrymosely sentimental are much uglier, however.’
  • ‘You might have thought that Leonora would be just calmly loathing and he lachrymosely contrite.’
  • ‘Where else can you hear a show lachrymosely titled ‘The Saddest Music in the World’?’
  • ‘A bar in which one may engage in such pleasant diversions as drinking beer or wine, bantering lightly or commiserating lachrymosely with friends is only a bar.’
  • ‘I also noticed that as you were busy lachrymosely explaining how he had no choice but to be a bum who collects bottles for recycling, you found it much easier to be outraged than to in any way acknowledge my point.’