Definition of laciniate in English:



(also laciniated)
Botany Zoology
  • Divided into deep narrow irregular segments.

    ‘That species also has laciniate petals and is similar in many ways, however it is not found inland.’
    • ‘The trilobed to laciniate tepals resemble those of certain species of Chorizanthe.’
    • ‘The huge flowers are very showy with laciniated or fringed edges.’
    • ‘A single plant was selected in 1998 based on its dark purple, almost black, laciniate foliage.’
    • ‘On the stem, between dorsal and ventral lobes, are two transverse lateral rows of finely laciniated processes or leaflets.’



/ləˈsinēāt/ /ləˈsɪnieɪt/


Mid 18th century from Latin lacinia ‘fringe, hem, flap of a garment’+ -ate.