Definition of laconism in English:



See laconic

‘Comparing the book with Shahnama-e-Islam, Maulana Akhlaque Hussain Qasmi said that the author had done a very good job in applying eloquence and laconism to his writing skill.’
  • ‘CIA bods clearly tend toward the ‘strong, silent’ type as this sentence is a model of laconism.’
  • ‘Terence Morgan's Drake, endowed from the start with an uncanny self-confidence, struck exactly the right balance between poker-faced laconism and Errol Flynn-like exuberance.’
  • ‘The principal hallmarks of Echenoz's style are his laconism, his dry wit, and the precision with which he chooses words and images.’



/ˈlakəˌnizəm/ /ˈlækəˌnɪzəm/