Definition of lactoglobulin in English:



  • A protein or mixture of similar proteins occurring in milk, obtained after the removal of casein and precipitated in a salt solution.

    ‘The globular proteins lysozyme, [alpha] lactalbumin, pepsin, and [beta] lactoglobulin in aqueous solution have been studied to determine the possible influence of secondary or tertiary structure on the low-frequency spectra.’
    • ‘A set of two mostly [alpha] helical proteins, lysozyme and [alpha] lactalbumin, has been compared to a set of two mostly [beta] sheet proteins, [beta] lactoglobulin and pepsin.’
    • ‘Further filtration of the serum protein concentrate by using ion exchange following microfiltration separates out native proteins such as alpha lactalbumin and beta lactoglobulin.’
    • ‘A number of INS studies have been performed on proteins such as myoglobin, lysozyme, and [beta] lactoglobulin in which the low-frequency vibrational density of states has been measured.’
    • ‘All four SF protein spectra in Fig.5 show a similar broad band with maximum amplitude at around 80 cm - 1. Lysozyme and [beta] lactoglobulin on the one hand and pepsin and [alpha] lactalbumin on the other show a common appearance.’



/ˌlaktōˈɡläbyələn/ /ˌlæktoʊˈɡlɑbjələn/