Definition of lactoprotein in English:



  • The protein component of milk.

    ‘Whilst the cheese is maturing the long molecules break down, especially those of the lactoprotein.’
    • ‘This directive defines the lactoproteins to which it applies and reserves the names corresponding to those definitions.’
    • ‘The study assesses the therapeutic effects of colostrum (the first milk secreted at the end of pregnancy - it has less albumin and lactoprotein in it than milk secreted later) on diarrhea.’
    • ‘Soxhlet is also known as the first scientist who fractionated the milk proteins in casein, albumin, globulin and lactoprotein.’
    • ‘In a section on tumor markers in breast neoplasms, there is a comprehensive discussion of cytokeratins, lactalbumin, pregnancy-specific lactoprotein, lactoferrin, milk fat globule membrane antigen, T antigen, tissue polypeptide antigen, actin, GCDFP - 15, polymorphic epithelial mucins, CEA, S - 100 protein, PSA, and a listing of serum diagnostic markers.’



/ˌlaktōˈprōtēn/ /ˌlæktoʊˈproʊtin/