Definition of lady of leisure in English:

lady of leisure

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(also woman of leisure)
  • A woman who does not need to earn a living.

    ‘We are not, in this day and age a place for the polishing of young men of leisure into gentlemanly ways.’
    • ‘They are men of leisure, going on a voyage down the Thames River from Kingston to Oxford.’
    • ‘But although that is now on hold, she has no plans of becoming a lady of leisure.’
    • ‘Mr Tung is a wealthy gentleman of leisure with a very large townhouse.’
    • ‘The rest of the time, players appear to be gentlemen of leisure.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, the reality of gentry-class women's lives often failed to conform to the image of the lady of leisure.’
    • ‘This move, however, had only increased their resentment of her, as they saw it as an attempt to act the part of the charitable lady of leisure.’
    • ‘On the other hand, I think I'd be a really good lady of leisure.’
    • ‘The drag queen in this film is no lady of leisure.’
    • ‘Yes, he was a busy man with his hardware business and now he's a busy man of leisure.’