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North American
  • A small finger-shaped sponge cake.

    ‘Tiramisu is quite the treat, pairing lightly sweetened mascarpone, an Italian cream cheese known for its smooth taste and astronomical fat content, with liquor-soaked ladyfingers.’
    • ‘It had all the required elements - lightly sweetened mascarpone cheese layered with ladyfingers that had been dipped in espresso and liqueur just long enough to pick up the flavours without becoming soggy.’
    • ‘Little tiny lace panties sold rolled up like ladyfingers, and in a myriad of gem tones, sit in a case on the front counter.’
    • ‘There is a fiendishly rich item called a ‘chocolate cassata,’ consisting of ladyfingers built around a creamy chocolate-mousse center; there's a gourmet-quality slice of raspberry-jam tart topped with vanilla gelato.’
    • ‘Let cool and serve with ladyfingers (biscuits à la cuiller or boudoirs), or substitute another kind of light-textured cookie.’



/ˈlādēˌfiNGɡər/ /ˈleɪdiˌfɪŋɡər/