Definition of lagged in English:


Pronunciation /laɡd/ /læɡd/


  • Showing a delayed effect.

    ‘a lagged measure of unemployment’
    • ‘We have to be cognizant of those lags and move monetary policy anticipating that it has a lagged effect on the economy.’
    • ‘There is an estimated interest rate rule of the Fed, where the explanatory variables include the rate of inflation, the unemployment rate, and the lagged growth of the money supply.’
    • ‘We first conducted computerized searches for the year 1994 and then gathered data for the years 1990-1992 so as to study lagged effects.’
    • ‘In part this is a lagged effect of the continued strong dollar throughout the 1990s against its main trading partners, despite mounting external imbalances.’
    • ‘Returns on import orientation are also mixed, with negative effects for the contemporaneous variable but positive effects for the lagged variable.’