Definition of laic in English:


Pronunciation /ˈlāik/ /ˈleɪɪk/


  • Nonclerical; lay.

    ‘There is an advantage but there is a kind of, you know, negative side to it as well because you never know whether or not you understand fully, well, let's say, the French side, the laic side.’
    • ‘This strikes me as entirely in line with the humanist, sternly laic tradition of the Fifth Republic, but it is so strongly removed from the thought of the Pontiff in his encyclicals as to raise the question of whether it was meant as a snub.’
    earthly, terrestrial, temporal, mundane, mortal, human, non-spiritual, unspiritual, material, materialistic, physical, tangible, carnal, fleshly, bodily, corporeal, gross, sensual, base, sordid, vile, profane


  • A layperson; a noncleric.

    • ‘As a married laic whose past is now being exposed in the media, his lawyer suggests psychiatric counseling that can be possibly entered in his defense.’


Mid 16th century from late Latin laicus (see lay).