Definition of laissez-faireism in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfe(ə)rˌizəm/


See laissez-faire

‘So some vigorous alternative is needed, though it cannot be a form of collectivism any more than it can be laissez-faireism in Roepke's view.’
  • ‘At my day job, I work with the parents of the generation I'm referencing, and the laissez-faireism in the latter is easy to spot in the former.’
  • ‘Under laissez-faireism in the late 19th and and early 20th centuries, depressions and bank panics were quite common.’
  • ‘It is a philosophy of laissez-faireism in ethics, matching the market freedoms that Adam Smith advocated for the economy, in which the liberty of free and sovereign individuals, aside from doing harm to others, should be absolute.’
  • ‘Some countries have neglected higher education, reduced investments in higher education, allowed laissez-faireism, and even adopted policies towards marketization of higher education.’