Definition of laissez-passer in English:



  • A document allowing the holder to pass; a permit.

    ‘He is valued for his professionalism and his job provides him with the laissez-passer of the title, a safe conduct pass that allows him greater freedom of the city.’
    • ‘The laissez-passer is a ‘safe conduct ‘pass which Devaivre is allowed by the Germans to carry on the streets as an employee, but also a badge of shame.’
    • ‘The ‘serum serological’ or Ss protein, his laissez-passer to the H2 show, did not enter his dreams until a dozen years later.’
    • ‘If he and my colleagues do not grant me a laissez-passer for the bar, should I go anyway and damn the consequences?’
    pass, warrant, authorization, licence, permit



/ˌlesā paˈsā/ /ˌlezā/ /ˌlɛseɪ ˈpæseɪ/


French, literally ‘allow to pass’.