Definition of lakebed in English:



  • The floor or bottom of a lake.

    ‘Dutch river bottoms and lakebeds are silty muck.’
    • ‘Flowing water may have deposited sand and silt in the bottoms of lakebeds or oceans.’
    • ‘Los Angeles' famous diversion of water from the Owens Valley left a dry lakebed where Owens Lake had once existed.’
    • ‘As the road dipped down to the floor of this prehistoric lakebed we were struck by waves of searing heat.’
    • ‘Dinosaur bones are found littering sand dunes and dry lakebeds.’
    • ‘The vintage paddle steamer, the Bellevue, has lain undisturbed on the lakebed since sinking in a storm in 1864.’
    • ‘The scientists then unearthed spear points, hearths, and bones of camel-like creatures and other animals at 39 Atacama Desert camps, located on the shores of 20 dry lakebeds.’
    • ‘It was a time of great hardship, and many families prayed every day for rain - to water their livestock and crops, to fill dry lakebeds and dams, and to nourish remaining foliage and forests.’
    • ‘During dry periods, these lakes shrank or disappeared, and prevailing southwesterly winds blew clouds of sand from the dry lakebeds across the valley.’
    • ‘The Bureau of Reclamation had converted parts of the lakebeds into homesteads, many for World War I and World War II veterans.’
    • ‘Thanks to excellent work by the Genesis Project Team, functioning as an initial response team, the wreckage of the SRC and its contents of scientific samples were recovered from the dry lakebed.’
    • ‘While the clues needed to determine whether Gusev Crater was once a lakebed may be elusive at the moment, Squyres, for one, is convinced it had to have once contained a large body of water and that Spirit has what it takes to prove it.’
    • ‘There was more than one Bluebird, a point increasingly forgotten with recent media concentration on Donald Campell's fatal world record attempt in 1967 and the recent raising of the wreck from the Coniston lakebed.’
    • ‘In 1977, Wes and 1 rediscovered a fossil-rich Eocene lakebed in the small northeastern Washington town of Republic by kicking over a stone at the edge of the main street.’
    • ‘The other, Gusev Crater, is intriguing because it appears to be the site of an ancient lakebed, where layers of sediment were deposited by a long-term flow of water into the basin formed by the crater.’
    • ‘They had passed over a lake with water so pure and clear that she could see giant lobster creatures fighting and biting on the lakebed, hundreds of feet below the glassy surface.’
    • ‘Arizona State University geologist Philip Christensen believes that the layers may represent deposits in an ancient lakebed.’
    • ‘The landing zone is nothing more than a dry lakebed graded to provide demarcated aircraft landing, takeoff and parking areas.’
    • ‘In his most remarkable feat, he constructs a low-lying town in a dry lakebed only to drown it for a spectacular inundation.’
    • ‘The company took a portable extraction plant down to the spit and excavated the ash from the lakebed for some months.’



/ˈlākbed/ /ˈleɪkbɛd/