Definition of lakefront in English:


Pronunciation /ˈlākˌfrənt/ /ˈleɪkˌfrənt/

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  • The land along the edge of a lake.

    ‘He'd been investigating algae problems that have plagued the Oakville and Burlington lakefronts for the past two years.’
    • ‘Simon Power said, and I think it certainly reflected the views of his constituents from Feilding: ‘We must all be allowed full and free access to our beaches and lakefronts and to the seabed.’’
    • ‘For one, if the water in the city does rise to the height of levees along the lakefront, it may be difficult to open floodgates designed to keep the lake out that would now be needed to allow the lake to leave.’
    • ‘Interceptor sewers were built in the residential enclaves of the affluent along the lakefront only to divert their wastewater through the neighborhoods of those forced by poverty to live along the riverfront.’
    • ‘In the spring of 2000, Chicago launched its voluntary ‘Dim the Lights’ campaign along the lakefront.’
    • ‘He enjoys seeing pride reflected in the eyes of African Americans strolling along Chicago's lakefront when they look to the waters and see him sailing.’
    • ‘Chemists and bacteriologists verified the dangerous levels of microorganisms at all four of the city's intake points along the lakefront.’
    • ‘Along the lakefront a curving sweep of barberry and daylilies terminated at gazebos overarched by old apple and willow trees.’
    • ‘Along the lakefront I could see the night skyline of the downtown area.’
    • ‘Since then, pressure from the defensive line has become nonexistent along the lakefront.’
    • ‘The beaches along the lakefront - always a popular destination during Memorial Day weekend - were closed.’
    • ‘The Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago has become a fixture in the city since it relocated in June 1996 to a new building on the lakefront with spacious galleries and a breathtaking view of Lake Michigan.’
    • ‘Chicago, too, is a welcoming city, with affordable prices, clean streets and neighbourhoods and a lakefront that stretches for miles along Lake Michigan uninterrupted by industry or commerce.’
    • ‘Levee construction along the river coupled with canal excavation toward the lakefront were the key colonial public works projects to drain water from the city and thereby reclaim the swamps and marshes within the urbanized territory.’
    • ‘If your staff were trained in a pool (most lifeguards are) and you have a lakefront, the staff need to have participated in specific training in a lake environment.’
    • ‘On Sunday we started off with a little driving tour of Toronto where I first took my visitors down to the lakefront by the historic Art Deco style R.C. Harris Filtration Plant.’
    • ‘The book examines the changing aesthetics of metropolitan areas, architecture as both a fine and a social art, and the redevelopment of Chicago's lakefront.’
    • ‘That locals will swarm to a town's natural assets - its shoreline or lakefront, riverbank or foothills - if the paths and piers welcome them.’
    • ‘End the hunt at the pool or lakefront with lunch and team-building activities.’
    • ‘But in the overnight hours, there was a breach, a breach of the levee on the lakefront.’


  • Located along the edge of a lake.

    ‘In addition to a pool and sunrooms along the lake, the hotel offers lakefront dining on the patio in the summer and a wine shop that stocks hard-to-find local wines.’
    • ‘However, in the lakefront swim area the bottom depth often varies greatly, visibility is less than two to four feet, and there are great seasonal and water depth temperature variations.’
    • ‘As you may or may not know, Chicago has, or rather, HAD a small lakefront landing strip named Meigs Field, mostly used by small commuter craft.’
    • ‘On a tour Tuesday, researchers showed numerous indications that Katrina's surge was not as tall as the lakefront's protections.’
    • ‘In her free time, she enjoys lakefront running, swimming, walking, biking, and, ‘of course, sightseeing in our hometown.’’
    • ‘Her house is so awesome; it's lakefront so I can go swimming anytime and behind it is about ten acres of forest, complete with my own private tree house.’
    • ‘Funny, some suspect Mills' unnecessary waterfront plan has nothing to do with lakefront land and everything to do with trying to beat Layton.’
    • ‘This from the station whose reputation and clout (along with free lakefront property from the city) literally brought the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to Cleveland.’
    • ‘The lakefront Otesaga Hotel - where Hall of Famers stay when they're in Cooperstown - coordinates inspirational talks with retired greats like Rizzuto and Tug McGraw.’
    • ‘Chicago's latest addition to its famed lakefront and park system is a landscaped promenade bordering the Chicago River where it flows into Lake Michigan.’
    • ‘There are condos with pools that rival the grandest pools in the desert palaces of Las Vegas and Palm Springs and lakefront condos with recreational facilities for use that rival the commercial establishments around the lake.’
    • ‘With warm, sunny weather, the city's lakefront paths and beaches are packed with sunbathers.’
    • ‘Stay at the Fairmont Tremblant, which hovers over the village like a storybook castle, or at the Hotel Club Tremblant, an old-fashioned lakefront ski lodge with antlers over the fireplace - and out the window.’
    • ‘A group of Latinos gathered in a lakefront park in DePue, which was once a port of entry for immigrants including Slovenians, Italians and Irish, and talked about some tensions with residents of European descent.’
    • ‘At McCormick Place, a large lakefront convention centre, ornithologists from the city's Field Museum found that bird mortality declined by about 80 per cent over a two-year period.’
    • ‘My lakefront properties have gone up even more, in a few years, and the Detroit co-op I just bought has already jumped in value.’
    • ‘Amigos del Lago, formed initially as a dues-collecting association to advocate the interests of the owners of upscale lakefront homes, is now helping to develop a master plan for the lake.’
    • ‘The view from Steve Perlman's lakefront home is postcard perfect: the sapphire waters of Lake Tahoe, shimmering in the sun, framed by pines and a flawless blue sky.’
    • ‘My final visual memory of North Bay is of jogging early in the morning in brilliant sunlight along the mile-long lakefront park.’
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