Definition of lakh in English:


nounplural noun lakh, plural noun lakhs

  • A hundred thousand.

    ‘they fixed the price at five lakhs of rupees’
    • ‘If you calculate the whole thing then this graft works out to thousands and lakhs of rupees.’
    • ‘This minor aberration had made Kachori richer by a few hundred lakhs.’
    • ‘Two hundred lakhs have been given to Kandy and two hundred and fifty lakhs to develop Kalutara and Ratnapura.’
    • ‘On top of the brick fort there were two thousand lakhs of demon soldiers walking with their bows and arrows.’
    • ‘Typhoid accounts for over 16 million cases annually with an estimated six lakhs death.’
    • ‘Lak's well-liked, though, so expect this to sell in thousands, if not in lakhs.’
    • ‘Maybe the toll would be in lakhs, as seen during the Asian Tsunami.’
    • ‘The media focused on Dhananjoy's fate but not on the fate of lakhs of women who live in the shadow of death every minute of the day, every day.’
    • ‘This national award is presented each year in Delhi and its cash component has now been enhanced to Rs.2 lakhs.’
    • ‘This is the biggest growth area in IT and will generate lakhs or even millions of new jobs for the non-IT people..’
    • ‘The grant of about Rs.25 lakhs would help to improve infrastructure and add three dialysis machines.’
    • ‘In addition to that, Mr. Sathe had investments in fixed deposits amounting to Rs. 5 lakhs.’
    • ‘Of this, Rs 60 lakhs was used to create infrastructure and train local people in capturing the animals.’
    • ‘The extensive collection on display is in a price range of Rs.100 to Rs.3 lakhs.’
    • ‘Its full name was Nagar Thatta - the city, with a population of three lakhs.’
    • ‘Today it gets an annual grant of Rs.20 lakhs from the Tamil Nadu Government, but this is hardly enough.’
    • ‘On July 26, lakhs of Mumbaikars went to work, to school and college as they would on any normal monsoon day.’
    • ‘It had so far spent Rs.6.66 lakhs on community service projects this year.’
    • ‘A third lift, this time on block A3, is also under repair at a cost of Rs.3.60 lakhs.’
    • ‘The 733rd draw of the scheme will be held on May 10 and the first prize is Rs.20 lakhs.’



/läk/ /lɑk/


Via Hindi from Sanskrit lakṣa.