Definition of lambasting in English:



  • A harsh criticism.

    ‘he received a lambasting from critics and fans’
    • ‘The hypocrisy of the Victorian era often gets a lambasting in this book.’
    • ‘She then proceeded to give the pair a verbal lambasting, calling them good for nothing animals.’
    • ‘He gave the guy a lambasting, too.’
    • ‘I was on the receiving end of a pretty decent lambasting from his mother about "ruining the experience" for her kids.’
    • ‘The president's popularity regarding environmental policy was low and a lambasting at the environmental conference was expected.’
    • ‘His recent lambasting of gangsta rap has attracted a great deal of indignation.’
    • ‘He has given a new author a lambasting I'm sure he wouldn't have appreciated when he was starting out.’
    • ‘The pair's humor excludes no one from a vigorous lambasting.’
    • ‘The authors touch on the critical lambasting the horror genre took from its very inception.’
    • ‘Most traffic calming measures are necessary and need applauding, not lambasting by people more concerned about their precious cars than the important issues.’



/ˈlambāstiNG/ /ˈlæmbeɪstɪŋ/ /ˈlambastiNG/ /ˈlæmbæstɪŋ/