Definition of Lambrusco in English:



  • 1A variety of wine grape grown in the Emilia-Romagna region of northern Italy.

    1. 1.1A sparkling red wine made from the Lambrusco grape.
      ‘Classic tinned wines included Liebfraumilch, Hock, Lambrusco, anything sweet and feminine and not likely to taste foul after being stored in an aluminium container for several months.’
      • ‘It's funny, but over there no one has heard of the horrible sweet Lambrusco we drink in the UK.’
      • ‘‘White with chicken and red with beef’ may have steered your parents safely through a torrential sea of Lambrusco and Liebfraumilch, but that just doesn't cut it anymore.’
      • ‘Things have moved on from a decade ago, when Lambrusco and the very worst sort of Chianti were staples of Italian wine.’
      • ‘Sparkling red wines have come a long way since the days when Lambrusco rosso reigned supreme, but these gently fizzing wines still retain a slot in the annual top 100.’
    2. 1.2A red or white wine similar to Lambrusco produced elsewhere.
      ‘Valdadige, a long stretch of the Adige river, including a part of the Alto Adige and a north western chunk of the Veneto, is the DOC for predominantly a red blend of Schiava and Lambrusco and a white blend of various international varieties.’
      • ‘Then, the very next morning, there's a report in the paper from a so-called health expert explaining how even a sip of Lambrusco every three weeks can be risky.’
      • ‘I wanted to purchase a crisp, dry Lambrusco, but I've been thwarted.’



/lämˈbro͝oskō/ /lɑmˈbrʊskoʊ/


Italian, literally ‘grape of the wild vine’.