Definition of lamebrain in English:



  • A stupid person.

    ‘I was never one of those lamebrains who thought cop work was glamorous’
    as modifier ‘lamebrain driving’
    • ‘The article does its best to make the organizations concerned sound sinister - all political lamebrains love ‘conspiracy’ theories - but there is only one secret to their influence - they present the facts in a thoroughly scholarly way.’
    • ‘Here you have someone who is obviously a talented politician (if playing for the wrong team - the GOP, that is) and he can't be allowed to run for higher office because of the prejudices of a bunch of medieval lamebrains.’
    • ‘A few superficial similarities are seized on by some writer and then the rest of the Leftist lamebrains can proclaim that bombers and beheaders are the same as builders of schools and hospitals.’
    • ‘It was a lamebrain excuse on behalf of the Bahamian government to try to cut down on expenditure.’
    • ‘And if you actually have a friend who has pitched a film or even an after-school special to the decision-making suits, you will be pre-acquainted with what it takes to satisfy a high tribunal of lamebrains, hypocrites, and thieves.’
    • ‘I always knew Matthew Sweet could write rings around them, but I didn't realize just how much those lamebrains would dampen his gifts.’
    • ‘They were known to be lamebrains and loudmouthed.’
    • ‘But Cyber Patrol lamebrains picked an argument with us.’
    • ‘So when some snotty filmmaker uses a lamebrain stunt as a way of proving McDonald's is making you fat, or when CSPI tries to tell you that now milk is part of the problem of childhood obesity, tell them, ‘It's common sense, stupid.’’
    • ‘He is another lamebrain whose considerable talents are hampered by an out-of-control belligerency that's better suited to a raucous schoolyard game.’
    • ‘‘Yeah,’ the big lamebrain, finally releasing my shoulder, spoke out in an unimpressive lisped voice.’
    • ‘Then turn away and hope the lamebrain has learned something.’
    • ‘If I told her I was being a lamebrain and Bruce has been floating around in my mind for God knows how long, she would be all up in my space.’
    • ‘The second point is undoubtedly true - there has been research to support it - but the rest of the article is lamebrain stuff.’
    • ‘Why don't you just shut your mouth you lamebrain?’
    • ‘Now when you have some lamebrain campaign where there's someone attempting to rap or do a jingle that mimics a style of rap, it comes off corny because it's obvious that someone didn't do their homework.’
    • ‘Is the original line really so obscure that some lamebrain who has absent-mindedly wandered in off the street going to have difficulty with it?’
    • ‘You're here with Conner and I doubt he wants to hear even more junk about that lamebrain.’
    • ‘I know that the regsiter isn't really meant to be a serious news source, but come on, lamebrain.’
    idiot, ass, halfwit, nincompoop, blockhead, buffoon, dunce, dolt, ignoramus, cretin, imbecile, dullard, moron, simpleton, clod