Definition of lamer in English:


Pronunciation /ˈlāmər/ /ˈleɪmər/


informal US
  • A stupid, inept, or dull person.

    • ‘It also makes me feel like a lamer who hasn't done anything with her life.’
    • ‘And anyone who says different is a lamer, because it rocked.’
    • ‘Right about now some elitists are probably reading this and saying "What a lamer Meinel is!"’
    • ‘I feel like such a lamer when I do that.’
    • ‘It basically looks like a bunch of lamers posting art that they did not contribute to in any way.’
    • ‘Sure, it advertises itself as an Irish pub, martini bar, club, or grill but when you walk in it's a bunch of lamers that couldn't jog around the block.’