Definition of lamium in English:



  • A plant of a genus which comprises the dead-nettles.

    Genus Lamium, family Labiatae

    • ‘Plant mitsuba with other herbs of similar culture such as sweet cicely, chervil, bee balm, lamium, lungwort, violets, and woodland strawberries.’
    • ‘White impatiens, White Nancy lamiums, spathiphyllums and white caladiums glow at night under an oak tree.’
    • ‘Some other plants had survived, a small convolvulus, golden lamium and creeping geranium were beginning to sprout so these were potted up but the lining fell to bits when the basket was emptied.’
    • ‘Even without flowers, she says, variegated lamiums are a spectacular foil for hellebores, especially with the white flecks of the ground cover playing off the darker-flowering hellebores.’


Modern Latin, from Latin, from Greek lamia ‘gaping mouth’ (because of the shape of the flowers).