Definition of lamppost in English:


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  • A tall pole with a light at the top; a street light.

    ‘The only light that was coming into the room was from the outside lamp post in the parking lot.’
    • ‘The Range Rover, totally off course, went straight into a lamp post.’
    • ‘The vehicle hit a lamp post next to the concrete median barrier adjacent to the fast lane.’
    • ‘He said gullies have not been cleaned in spite of complaints to the Council and wires have been exposed in a damaged lamp post.’
    • ‘We are also getting a Victorian lamp post at the chip shop side of the green which will be in the same style as the railings.’
    • ‘A ten-year-old boy was rushed to hospital after a metal lamp post fell on him while he was playing.’
    • ‘Mr Davies said workers had been drilling a hole for a lamp post when the machinery struck the pipe.’
    • ‘A lone crow flew through the sky, landed on a lamp post and looked over the street.’
    • ‘A banned driver drove his car dangerously down St Peters Way and then demolished a lamp post as he tried to escape police.’
    • ‘At first, Mr Allott wanted to mount the official-looking camera on a lamp post but council planning officers refused.’
    • ‘The pale light from a nearby lamp post revealed Fiona glaring at him.’
    • ‘A driver who rammed two cars was so drunk he could not manoeuvre his vehicle and was seen staggering away after it hit a lamp post, a court was told.’
    • ‘A concrete lamp post was knocked down outside my house by a speeding car on an icy road in mid-December last year.’
    • ‘The accident occurred when a single bus mounted a pavement and crashed into a steel lamp post on the busy main quay of the city.’
    • ‘A staff member had seen the owner abandon the dog, tying him to a lamp post at Ashton Market after failing to sell the animal.’
    • ‘He was driving along Rayleigh Road when he lost control and hit a lamp post near the junction with Tudor Road.’
    • ‘We look for the lost keys under the lamp post because that is where there is light.’
    • ‘The Metro came to rest in the driveway of a house in Battle Road after striking a lamp post and hitting a brick wall.’
    • ‘The family claim the only correspondence they had received from the council was a letter to say that if the lamp post was moved it would be necessary to put in two others elsewhere.’
    • ‘Lou's car turned around, and sped off down the quiet dark street as Ted stood under the glow of a lamp post, reflecting on all that had happened that night.’



/ˈlam(p)pōst/ /ˈlæm(p)poʊst/