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  • 1 historical A soldier of a cavalry regiment armed with lances.

    ‘If at that moment, the swordsman lunges, forcing the lance to the outside, he is safe and the lancer is at his mercy.’
    • ‘In fact, the lancers were a minority of those who charged: only one regiment of lancers, but two each of hussars and light dragoons.’
    • ‘But when free of the classroom, he transforms himself into the role of the leader of an elite corps of Polish lancers in Napoleon's army.’
    • ‘Curiously, perhaps anticipating a conflict with Eastern European cavalry forces, his manual also contains advice in facing a charge against lancers.’
    • ‘To a troop of war-hardened lancers from the 19th century, they would have looked like giant steel-toothed beetles crawling across the parade ground.’
    • ‘Twenty-four regiments formed part of the Restoration army, but subsequent restructuring reduced this number as some were converted to lancers.’
    mounted troops, cavalrymen, horse soldiers, troopers, horse
  • 2lancerstreated as singular A quadrille for eight or sixteen pairs.

    ‘She whirls by in the Valse, or glides in front of them in the Lancers.’
    • ‘I just went to Thomson's around the time of the First War where they learned you quadrilles and lancers.’
    • ‘The Lancers Quadrille was full of grace, with its salutes and its bows, its slow and solemn movement.’



/ˈlansər/ /ˈlænsər/


Late 16th century from French lancier, from lance ‘a lance’.