Definition of land office in English:

land office

Pronunciation /lænd ˈɔfəs/

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North American
  • A government office recording dealings in public land.

    ‘It has now two printing offices - each publish a paper; sixteen stores; several commission merchants; auctioneer; a land office; and various other public offices, which draw numbers of people from the country.’
    • ‘‘But if many people lose their certificates in the same area, the subdistrict office could file all their claims in one application,’ said Yanto, an officer at the land office.’
    • ‘He had been unable to secure a travel advance before leaving Indiana, and thereafter the land office had repeatedly denied or delayed reimbursement for the expenses incurred in getting the survey started.’
    • ‘This is the land office - how much for five acres?’
    • ‘By 1903, however, none of the four supposedly operational districts were irrigating any farmland, and unscrupulous developers were bilking investors and the federal land office out of hundreds of thousands of dollars.’
    • ‘Mead submitted a request for patent to 11,131 acres under the Cody Canal in October 1898, but the Lander land office misfiled the papers.’
    • ‘In 1837 he was appointed register of the land office at Springfield.’
    • ‘Personnel from the land office are the most qualified in correctly measuring out properties.’
    • ‘The above law rules that there are currently two categories of land rights: adat land (customary land), which is unregistered; and certified land, which is registered at the local land office.’
    • ‘The issue came to light after local officials called for the land office to clarify the boundaries when 200 coconut trees and a footpath along the beach area at a cost of over 10 million baht disappeared.’
    • ‘He said that legal action has already been initiated, and that the city has collected data from the district land office and other agencies to support the city's case.’
    • ‘Once received, our legal people check at the land office to ensure the seller is the true owner or is properly empowered to sell on the owner's behalf.’
    • ‘The need for maps became more acute as land offices on the frontier kept records of newly surveyed town lines and other borders.’
    • ‘The colonial land offices were remarkable enterprises for their era and deserve more recognition as emulative institutional models.’
    • ‘They have also provided that proof must be made before the local land offices instead of before the State Land Board.’


    do a land-office business
    • Do a lot of successful business.

      • ‘the open-air air show did a land-office business’
      • ‘It's not surprising that companies offering a way to raise credit scores are doing a land-office business.’
      • ‘The local pizza joint did a land office business around 6:00 pm.’