Definition of landaulet in English:



  • 1A small landau.

    ‘On 1st August 1901, Wilhelm Karmann acquires the Christian Klages coach-building factory in Osnabrück, Germany, in which coupés, landaulets and hunting cars are built.’
    • ‘Vehicle types produced included broughams, Victorias, hansoms, landaulets, and commercial vehicles include trucks and sightseeing buses.’
    • ‘This small landaulet, which was well-suited to city traffic, was manufactured in 1885 by the renowned Vienna carriage-maker Marius.’
    • ‘Although the zebra long since retired to that savannah in the sky, and his owner herself is more than 30 years gone, the eccentric Winmill might be gratified to know that her phaetons and surreys, curricles and landaulets still command attention.’
    1. 1.1mainly historical A car with a folding hood over the rear seats.
      ‘Several limousines called landaulets, came with a convertible top over the rear passenger compartment.’
      • ‘The Detroit-built imperial landaulets for 5 passengers were assigned the standard Fleetwood styling code #4155C. Ten of the latter were built.’
      • ‘Only two landaulets have ever been made by Chapron.’
      • ‘Of the cars that have been associated with the British Royal family, the most memorable have been the large and stately chauffeur-driven limousines and landaulets.’
      • ‘Then it was that Merlin perceived an open landaulet of deepest crimson, with handsome nickel trimmings, glide slowly up to the curb and come to a stop.’



/ˌlandôˈlet/ /ˌlændɔˈlɛt/