Definition of landform in English:



  • A natural feature of the earth's surface.

    • ‘During this period, total cover of many shade-intolerant spring ephemeral forb species is significantly greater on upland landforms than floodplain landforms.’
    • ‘To test for differences in mean physical and chemical soil characteristics between the floodplain and upland landforms, we used non-parametric Mann-Whitney tests.’
    • ‘NASA says the picture actually shows the Martin equivalent of a butte or mesa - landforms common around the American West.’
    • ‘Nonetheless, we did not detect differences in species diversity between the floodplain and upland landforms.’
    • ‘A wide variety of rock coatings is found on landforms at the Earth's surface.’
    • ‘Of the total 189 plots sampled, 56 were on floodplain landforms and 133 were on upland landforms.’
    • ‘Some of this stems from a poor understanding of wetland geology and what wetland landforms are.’
    • ‘Situated on low-latitude plateau, Yunnan is featured with vertical landforms and topography-dependant climate and is imbued with varieties of bio-resources.’
    • ‘The man-made elements of the scene - the cylinders and spheres and other simple geometric shapes - seemed to clash with the softer natural landforms, as irreconcilable as stripes and plaid.’
    • ‘More than eight terabytes of data recorded aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavour were refined into 200 billion research-quality measurements of Earth's landforms.’
    • ‘Without an accurate survey any resulting map will be suspect and of limited use for determining the relationship of the cave to surface landforms or other caves.’
    • ‘Moreover, if natural landforms can draw energy from the land, then buildings that embody similar forms should function in the same way.’
    • ‘While these maps were seriously outdated and lacked most significant cultural features, the landforms had not changed so much.’
    • ‘Landforms on Mars that appear to be related to climate changes help us calibrate and understand similar landforms on Earth.’
    • ‘I consider that the close juxtaposition of trees and structures, together with the effect of the changes to the natural landform along the western side of the site, has placed many of the protected trees on the site at risk.’
    • ‘Towering a mile above is the luminous white limestone spine of Mont Ventoux, as startling and improbable a landform in this domesticated geography as is Ayers Rock in Australia or Devils Tower in Wyoming.’
    • ‘Topographic maps use contour lines based on elevation to depict landforms.’
    • ‘There are places on Earth today that may bear a close resemblance to the Antarctic landform back then.’
    • ‘It has highly variable landforms, that range from torrid plains, tropical islands, and a parched desert to the highest mountain range in the world.’
    • ‘The same is true of another trend of the new paradigm, emergence of the landform as a building type and its correlate, the waveform organized around a new grammar of strange attractors.’