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landing strip

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  • An airstrip.

    ‘By the end of June, excluding an emergency landing strip, ten airfields had been built in the beachhead area.’
    • ‘Because the museum is based on an old RAF airfield, it has a suitable landing strip and hangars big enough to house the aircraft.’
    • ‘A supershort landing strip ensures that flight crews at least are awake.’
    • ‘Behind the new factory for a third of a mile workmen leveled off sagebrush and tumbleweeds for a landing strip just 2.5 times as wide as the Vega's wing span.’
    • ‘We were an emergency landing strip, and we had emergency landings.’
    • ‘Witnesses said the aircraft crashed less than 60 yards from the landing strip.’
    • ‘The landing strip for winged aircraft did not even have a real control tower.’
    • ‘These three bases were backed up by seven auxiliary fields and a number of emergency landing strips that had been cut out of the surrounding jungle and bush.’
    • ‘We lost all navigational and wireless aids and spent the next hour or so seeking out emergency landing strips, but those we located were underwater.’
    • ‘The landing gear was a unique tripod set-up to offer resistance to the unimproved nature of most landing strips.’
    • ‘I watched as we approached the airport landing strip.’
    • ‘Apparently there was a landing strip along the highway.’
    • ‘The first challenge would be to find the make-shift landing strip.’
    • ‘John, professional aviator that he is, rapidly scanned the surrounding territory for a likely landing strip.’
    • ‘The decision to base a new landing strip at the Essex airport is expected to be disputed by campaigners and a number of airlines, who have threatened legal action.’
    • ‘The crew requested an emergency landing strip and permission was granted.’
    • ‘The lines scratched in the desert, however, are much longer than airplane landing strips, and the soil there is much too sandy and soft to be used by airplanes.’
    • ‘I had to streak down and do a quick makeshift landing at a convenient landing strip.’
    • ‘A flying club claims that its plans to replace a grass runway with a hard-surfaced landing strip will reduce noise disturbance to householders in nearby villages.’
    • ‘The transport lowered its landing gear and touched down on the assigned landing strip with a screech as its wheels made contact.’


landing strip

/ˈlandiNG ˌstrip/ /ˈlændɪŋ ˌstrɪp/