Definition of landless in English:


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  • (especially of an agricultural worker) owning no land.

    ‘much of the rural population of Chile is landless and poverty-stricken’
    • ‘the landless peasants were almost entirely dependent on wages for their livelihood’
    • ‘the policy did little to assist the landless and the poor’
    • ‘With a large population of landless agricultural workers, the pressure on land is enormous.’
    • ‘Debt-driven small farmers and landless workers have left this district in larger numbers this season.’
    • ‘The rural poor, especially landless labourers will take a hit five ways, at least.’
    • ‘Lastly, let us come to the small and marginal farmer, landless labourer and the urban poor.’
    • ‘When I was working with landless peasants in Brazil, there was an occupation of land that we accompanied.’
    • ‘Some small farmers and landless peasants have received plots of land, but much of it has gone to wealthy government supporters.’
    • ‘The SEP advocates that state land be made available to all landless farmers, regardless of their ethnicity.’
    • ‘Over one million landless peasants are fighting for land rights and against a military takeover in the largest province of Punjab.’
    • ‘More than 80 percent of the voters in the constituency are landless peasants or poor farmers.’
    • ‘It is all too frequent to hear stories of landless peasants being lured to remote farms with promises of work only to find themselves caught in a web of enforced work and debt.’
    • ‘The conditions of the landless peasants have become miserable.’
    • ‘Many landless farmers in Bangladesh come to Dhaka after a flood or a famine hits their villages.’
    • ‘The number of landless labourers and cottagers soared.’
    • ‘Migration to the cities is continuous, with landless peasants supplying low-cost labour for industry.’
    • ‘While 54 per cent of Brazil's farmland lies idle, millions of landless peasants struggle to survive.’
    • ‘They gained support from the Indians and landless peasants by promising to end the abuses committed by landowners.’
    • ‘Impoverished, landless peasants make up a large part of the population.’
    • ‘There were government car loan scandals and shameless grabbing of land meant for the landless by officials.’
    • ‘It is possible to redistribute land to the landless without setting the country on fire.’
    • ‘Give land to the landless, by all means, but do it in a manner that is fair to all.’



/ˈlan(d)ləs/ /ˈlæn(d)ləs/