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mainly British
another term for landslide (sense 1)
‘Following one of the biggest landslips on the Yorkshire coast this century, more than one million tonnes of earth had slipped from the top of the 150 ft cliff to the bottom - due to the effect of the prolonged rain on the soft boulder clay.’
  • ‘But coastal defence works for the area are being brought forward after experts found the cliffs were being weakened by the waves, leading to landslips which are threatening to destroy a section of the Cleveland Way footpath.’
  • ‘Find information on housing, flood risk, radon, mining, landslips, air quality, age distribution, crime, ethnicity, religion, health and amenities.’
  • ‘The reserve at Balnaguard Glen was created in 1976 and is a highly dissected gorge dominated by birch and juniper woodland and marked by spectacular landslips on its northern side.’
  • ‘At a behind-doors meeting of the council's cabinet, members decided on a financial package to fund work which is needed urgently following the major landslips last year.’
  • ‘In fact, the extreme weather also caused a series of lesser landslips across the country, with traffic disrupted in the Black Isle, Lochalsh and Aberdeenshire.’
  • ‘The government ordered the evacuation of 11 other villages believed to be at risk, as bad weather brought more landslips and turned whole areas into swamps.’
  • ‘It seems that because burrowing can cause landslips in quarries, residents of Portland instead call the creatures underground mutton or furry things.’
  • ‘A soil expert claims that human activity such as road-building, construction vibration and loading on top slopes can all trigger landslips.’
  • ‘In those days, after heavy rain, there were landslips.’
  • ‘Residents living near the site of the Holbeck Hall Hotel disaster fear a scheme to build a large new house in the area could lead to landslips.’
  • ‘Human bones have been exposed on the cliff edge as a result of landslips at Whitby's historic parish churchyard.’
  • ‘A cash contribution from the proposed £130 million Westcliff supercasino project is the most promising source of cash to repair the landslip, he added.’
  • ‘Coun Bernard Pearson was concerned that the water park would be closer to the cliff edge than the Holbeck Hall Hotel in Scarborough, which was destroyed by a landslip in 1993.’
  • ‘The spokesman the firm monitored all ground movements in the area but ‘nothing happened to give us any concern whatsoever’ before the landslip.’
  • ‘Work on the foundations of a new cancer wing at St James's Hospital, in Leeds, triggered a landslip which in turn severed electrical cables and damaged a gas main.’
  • ‘Fourthly, I am well aware of the serious problems of the road itself, the landslip and the adverse camber for example, but the residents didn't ask me for a new road.’
  • ‘Southend's cliffs, hit by a devastating landslip only 18 months ago, are still moving because of the wet weather, it has been revealed.’
  • ‘Meanwhile, it is expected to take between three and four weeks to clear a mile and a half of track affected by a landslip in Heck, 11 miles north of Doncaster.’
  • ‘Appropriately, given that the instability of the ground was the main reason the project failed, we were prevented from getting there by a landslip.’



/ˈlan(d)ˌslip/ /ˈlæn(d)ˌslɪp/