Definition of langur in English:


Pronunciation /läNGˈɡo͝or/ /lɑŋˈɡʊr/


  • A long-tailed arboreal Asian monkey with a characteristic loud call.

    Presbytis and other genera, family Cercopithecidae: several species. Compare with leaf monkey

    ‘Vietnam is host to several principal kinds of primates: gibbons (lesser apes), langurs and macaques (which are both monkeys), and lorises (which are prosimians).’
    • ‘Rare hoolock gibbons and capped langurs can be seen in the forests, and birds include giant hornbills and Bengal floricans.’
    • ‘Spotted deer, sambar, barking deer, chevrotian (mouse deer), wild pig, gaur, bonnet macaque and langur are the most preferred species.’
    • ‘Instead, he went to Central America, where he could study the black howler - a leaf-eating monkey much like the langur.’
    • ‘These are home to several fauna like the endangered Nilgiri tahr, marten and primates like the langur.’


Early 19th century via Hindi from Sanskrit lāṅgūla.