Definition of lanner in English:



(also lanner falcon)
  • A falcon with a dark brown back and buff cap, found in southeastern Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

    Falco biarmicus, family Falconidae

    ‘Many people have flown lanner falcons, but few have had good results taking game with them.’
    • ‘There are thought to be about a million lanner falcons in the world and they are common through much of southern Europe, the Middle East, south-west Asia and Africa.’
    • ‘Large and small white egrets, spoonbills, black cranes and the very rare lanner falcons are permanent inhabitants of the near-by, strictly protected bird reserve.’
    • ‘The release of white tailed eagle, Harris hawk and lanner falcon would be an offence under Section 14 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 unless licensed.’
    • ‘Carrion is laid out to attract the feathered carnivores, and regular diners include whitenecked ravens, lanner falcons, jackal buzzards, black eagles and cape vultures.’



/ˈlanər/ /ˈlænər/


Late Middle English from Old French lanier, perhaps a noun use of lanier ‘cowardly’, from a derogatory use of lanier ‘wool merchant’, from Latin lanarius, from lana ‘wool’.