Definition of Lantern Festival in English:

Lantern Festival


another name for Bon
‘Chen talked about the importance of culture and the cultural institutions he established as Taipei mayor, such as the Hakka Cultural Foundation, the Taipei Film Festival and the Lantern Festival.’
  • ‘This mid-autumn festival has strong links with their harvest festival and coincides with the Lantern Festival, with red lanterns of all shapes in all Chinese settlements.’
  • ‘The fifteenth day of the year is the first full moon of the year and the magnificent Lantern Festival announces the formal end of the New Year festivities.’
  • ‘Traditionally the Spring Festival does not end until the Lantern Festival - the 15th of the first lunar month, which falls on Tuesday this year.’
  • ‘According to the public relations staff at the Shangri-La, the Lantern Festival was not a major festival, so the hotel had not prepared a special set menu.’
  • ‘Cr Diana Roberts said the urgency for the Herb Festival was clear, while the Lantern Festival and the Show did not have to be considered now.’
  • ‘The New Year festivities traditionally end the 15th day with a Lantern Festival.’
  • ‘In Miyun County in Beijing on February 5, an accident set off an alarm bell on an overcrowded bridge in a park during the Lantern Festival and 37 people were killed in the crush.’
  • ‘Everyone was friendly and easy to work with, and I'll be helping out next year for sure at both the Parade and at the Lantern Festival.’
  • ‘The Lantern Festival that marks the commencement of the Chinese New Year would never have been considered even worth noting in New Zealand probably 5 years ago.’
  • ‘The Lantern Festival, dengjie, takes place on the fifteenth day of the Lunar New Year and traditionally marks the end of New Year celebrations.’
  • ‘Also called the Lantern Festival, this event is an important traditional occasion, falling on the 15th day of the first month on the lunar calendar.’
  • ‘Fifteen days later the Lantern Festival is celebrated and all of the city is illuminated with glowing ornate paper lanterns.’
  • ‘Had they bothered to read the submission for the Lantern Festival, they would have discovered it's for 2003.’
  • ‘The parade is held on the Lantern Festival, which ends a 15-day celebration of the Lunar New Year.’
  • ‘The wonderful Lantern Festival, which we stepped aside for on this page last week, was an absolute delight.’
  • ‘During the Lantern Festival, most temples are illuminated by colorful lanterns of all shapes and sizes.’
  • ‘Two weeks ago I attended the Chinese Lantern Festival in Albert Park, with the Prime Minister.’
  • ‘Starting during the Ming Dynasty, the Lantern Festival is still popular here today.’
  • ‘A menagerie of wicker animals will be bobbing through the streets of Ulverston this weekend for the annual arts spectacle that is the town's Lantern Festival.’


Lantern Festival

/ˈlan(t)ərn ˈfestəvəl/ /ˈlæn(t)ərn ˈfɛstəvəl/