Definition of lantern slide in English:

lantern slide


  • A mounted photographic transparency for projection by a magic lantern.

    ‘This picture here, which you all can't see, but it's a hand coloured glass lantern slide of one of the arches that was built.’
    • ‘The Local History Library houses books, press cuttings, maps dating back to 1695, old photographs, postcards, magic lantern slides, watercolours, drawings and engravings.’
    • ‘The actual photographs were seen only in lantern slides accompanying his lectures.’
    • ‘He used lantern slides to show new facilities, including the isolated single OR of Gyne Pavilion set up by Howard A. Kelly, MD, at Johns Hopkins Hospital in 1891.’
    • ‘That was when he took to touring the country talking about his experiences, casting doubt on capital punishment, and showing lantern slides of prison scenes and executions (for a fee).’


lantern slide

/ˈlan(t)ərn ˌslīd/ /ˈlæn(t)ərn ˌslaɪd/