Definition of Lapith in English:



Greek Mythology
  • A member of a Thessalian people who fought and defeated the centaurs.

    ‘In the 5th century political symbolism was couched in mythological terms, and the battles of gods and giants, Greeks and Amazons or Trojans, and Lapiths and centaurs stood for the historical battles of the Persian Wars.’
    • ‘When Pirithous, king of the Lapiths, got married, the Centaurs came to take his wife away and there was a terrible battle.’
    • ‘Although the Lapith women do not seek husbands, they are assaulted by the Centaurs at a wedding and are defended by the heroic, athletic Lapiths, overseen by the god Apollo.’
    • ‘Such references invited the athletes to see themselves in the heroic Lapiths.’
    • ‘A bearded Lapith plunges the very long head of his thrusting-spear into the breast of a Centaur who defends himself with a rock.’



/ˈlapəTH/ /ˈlæpəθ/


Via Latin from Greek Lapithai (plural).