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(also laptop computer)
  • A computer that is portable and suitable for use while traveling.

    ‘The product will work across business desktops, laptops and file servers.’
    • ‘You should always store the serial number of your laptop separately from your laptop.’
    • ‘Sales of storage systems, laptops, servers, software and printers jumped as well.’
    • ‘Taiwan is one of the leading exporters of laptops and desktop computers, chips and parts.’
    • ‘Sensors can also be placed around buildings to track the travels of laptops and desktops and prevent them being nicked.’
    • ‘Most laptops have 2 memory banks and have a limit as to how much memory they can recognize.’
    • ‘We have a total of four computers actually hooked up and operating: three laptops and one desktop.’
    • ‘Most communication is by cell and satellite phones, and also by email on laptops.’
    • ‘And touchpads at the bottom of the keyboard as on laptops induce shoulder-ache.’
    • ‘But the business people will bring more laptops on a weekday game than a weekend game.’
    • ‘Londoners left more than double the number of laptops in the back of taxis compared with other cities.’
    • ‘The service is available to business travellers with wireless Internet enabled laptop computer or PDA.’
    • ‘To me the point of laptops and desktops are that they provide different functions.’
    • ‘The building is filled with Wi-Fi hot spots for people to connect their laptops to the Internet.’
    • ‘The analysts reckon consumer demand for laptops and notepads was behind the modest upturn.’
    • ‘Some believe that smarter phones, and smaller, power-optimised laptops will squeeze it out.’
    • ‘The thieves stole two laptops, a computer, a laminator, a DVD player and a video machine.’
    • ‘Some mobiles contain modems that can be connected to a laptop computer for internet access while you're on the road.’
    • ‘He was able to make a diagnosis from x-ray photographs emailed to him on his laptop.’
    • ‘The product is available for laptops, and there is an adaptor for desktop machines.’



/ˈlapˌtäp/ /ˈlæpˌtɑp/