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‘During the Gold Rush, a lucrative and larcenous trade in seabird eggs killed millions of common murres.’
  • ‘He is seen as someone who reformed the formerly inept and larcenous practices of the East India Company.’
  • ‘He was a brilliant educator - and also a vain, charming and larcenous criminal.’
  • ‘What happens when a flock of fowl ditch their boring life on the farm and embark on a larcenous ocean voyage?’
  • ‘Farmers are hiring armed guards to protect the precious crop from larcenous marauders.’
  • ‘In the recesses of their larcenous hearts, they knew they were crooks.’
  • ‘People are naturally larcenous and sufficiently hypocritical to appear virtuous and loyal.’
  • ‘When a larcenous real estate clerk goes on the run with a wad of cash and hopes of starting a new life, she ends up at the notorious Bates Motel.’
  • ‘Mickey and Jules are ready to go straight but so far have lived a larcenous life.’
  • ‘He was stunningly honest about his larcenous intent.’



/ˈlärs(ə)nəs/ /ˈlɑrs(ə)nəs/