Definition of laser printer in English:

laser printer

Pronunciation /ˈlāzər ˌprin(t)ər/ /ˈleɪzər ˌprɪn(t)ər/

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  • A printer linked to a computer producing good-quality printed material by using a laser to form a pattern of electrostatically charged dots on a light-sensitive drum, which attract toner (or dry ink powder). The toner is transferred to a piece of paper and fixed by a heating process.

    ‘The XP system has a serial dot-matrix printer and a parallel laser printer.’
    • ‘The laser printer caused ink powder from the toner cartridge to fuse onto the paper where the program told the printer to leave ink.’
    • ‘Before I begin, I'd like to stress that this article is intended only to assist you with basic cleaning of the laser toner from your laser printer.’
    • ‘Computers could be gimmicked so that every page printed on your laser printer had a hidden watermark with your name, address, and date or time.’
    • ‘The pages that are printed by your colour laser printer may include tiny dots, almost invisible to the naked eye.’
    • ‘Computer manufacturers spew out acronyms like paper from a laser printer, and it's easy to get lost here.’
    • ‘Each letter has been typed on a word processor and printed on a laser printer.’
    • ‘Some plain shirts, a screen-printing set up or, these days, a computer with a laser printer, and a clever idea are all that's needed.’
    • ‘This is due to our recent acquisition of a fridge, a new sound system for my Timothy's computer and a laser printer for myself.’
    • ‘A second desktop and a laser printer are both close enough to the router to merit a wired connection.’
    • ‘The grant will provide the club with $350 in Internet costs and the use of a leased desktop computer and laser printer.’
    • ‘This is significantly faster than most inkjet printers, but still nowhere near the speed of a laser printer.’
    • ‘We connected to the laser printer on the local network and printed the tax return to ensure that the entire process, from creation to printing, worked as expected.’
    • ‘If you were Polish in 1986, for example, you made a laser printer print out the Polish alphabet.’
    • ‘Desktop inkjet ink-tanks typically last for a few hundred sheets, but the toner cartridge of a laser printer will usually last well over 3,000 copies.’
    • ‘Do you remember how to change the toner cartridge on the laser printer?’
    • ‘LED printers are capable of printing at close to the same quality as the ubiquitous laser printer, and work in a similar manner.’
    • ‘We can't assume factories which perfectly produce objects from blueprints the way a laser printer produces dots on paper.’
    • ‘Chaos theory is everywhere now: landscapes and starscapes in sci-fi movies, image compression software, even your laser printer uses fractal algorithms.’
    • ‘He returned a day or two later, figuring for some reason that a laser printer must be better since it costs more, and we were happy to return his inkjet in favor of a more expensive solution.’