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  • A disk resembling a larger CD but able to store video, now generally replaced by the DVD.

    ‘It's still a very entertaining commentary, with plenty of info and laughs, but it too is a holdover from previous releases, originally recorded for the laserdisc.’
    • ‘But probably the best overall extra is the commentary track, recorded for the Elite laserdisc back in 1995.’
    • ‘This is another example where the laserdisc or even VHS comes with supplements left off the DVD, and is inexcusable.’
    • ‘You see, the laserdisc has been around for more than 20 years and qualifies as the slowest-growing format of all time with about 2 million users.’
    • ‘When compared to the previous home video incarnations on both VHS and laserdisc, the new DVD looks wonderful.’
    • ‘Initially laserdiscs and DVDs were high-priced, luxury product aimed primarily at cinema enthusiasts, who would likely want to study the film more thoroughly than the casual viewer.’
    • ‘The laserdisc and VHS versions were severely washed-out; but here every color is perfectly tweaked, except for some of the blues, which seem to pop a little unnaturally.’
    • ‘This treatment seems somewhere between the two previously available formats - VHS and the aforementioned laserdisc - in quality.’
    • ‘This is the sole addition to the DVD over the laserdisc.’
    • ‘How does the medium stack up against its digital forerunner, laserdiscs?’
    • ‘This is the version we get on this DVD, which is essentially a port of the 1998 laserdisc, though with a spruced up digital transfer.’
    • ‘‘In theory, DVDs should be higher resolution and lower noise than even laserdiscs,’ notes Levinson.’
    • ‘My girlfriend has VHS copies from the Japanese laserdiscs, and the subtitles only added to the strangeness.’
    • ‘The only good thing about television that comes to mind right now is that through VHS, laserdisc and DVD a great amount of attention has been brought to film preservation and restoration.’
    • ‘As you may know, the original DVD was a flipper - just like a laserdisc, you had to get up and flip the DVD about halfway through the movie.’
    • ‘Even laserdisc looked horrible compared to this new DVD picture.’
    • ‘While the transfer on the DVD showed improvement over the awful picture on the laserdisc, it was not first rate even then.’
    • ‘Back then I had the movie as a VHS bootleg, dubbed from the widescreen laserdisc.’
    • ‘Volume level concerns with the previous laserdisc are not in evidence on the DVD.’
    • ‘Certainly, the DVD is noticeably superior to previous video incarnations on VHS and laserdisc.’



/ˈlāzərˌdisk/ /ˈleɪzərˌdɪsk/