Definition of lash-up in English:



informal mainly British
  • A makeshift, improvised structure or arrangement.

    • ‘some of the rival machines were no better than lash-ups’
    • ‘They also tend to be heavy family and clan lash-ups.’
    • ‘We've plans still brewing for a permanent catio rather than the temporary lash-up we put together just before the summer settled in, and I'm determined there shall be a fountain.’
    • ‘Davis was expressing scepticism as early as the Mistaken Identity public meeting in May (speeches available here), where he also displayed a commendable grasp of the database lash-up the Government currently presides over.’
    • ‘This lash-up, especially with its unfortunate geographical proximity to MacArthur's forces, set out a dual challenge for Ghormley: coordination of his own land- and sea-based air forces and coordination between theater commands.’
    • ‘Dr. Fought describes how both air forces concluded that expeditionary, air forces and a lash-up of the combined/joint force air component commander and combined air operations center provided the right structure.’
    • ‘It does have full HEP pass-through, so it could be the third unit in a three-unit lash-up.’
    • ‘Kelsey and Lockheed realized that the brakes would be good for only one or two landings with this emergency lash-up.’



/ˈlaSHˌəp/ /ˈlæʃˌəp/