Definition of lash out in English:

lash out

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phrasal verb

  • 1Hit or kick out at someone or something.

    ‘the woman had lashed out in fear’
    • ‘the kangaroo suddenly lashed out at Jim, kicking him onto his back’
    • ‘Aged about 12 or 13 years at most, the girl started screaming abuse, crying, lashing out with fists and kicking.’
    • ‘She would attack anyone who went into her field, kicking, biting, lashing out and rearing and the more people tried to frighten her away, the worse she became.’
    • ‘Twice, Freddy lashes out by silently kicking a brick wall.’
    • ‘Aaron took a deep breath and figured that he had nothing to lose and lashed out with a kick aimed at the head of the nearest demon, followed up swiftly with a hook to the head of the other demon.’
    • ‘Chase lashed out with another quick kick, and I was left to watch in horror as the song spun around for a backswing kick to Chase's head.’
    • ‘Jumping to my feet, I lashed out with a kick to the ribs, yet my foot went right through the apparition.’
    • ‘They lashed out with a kick to Matt's stomach that sent him stumbling backward, and almost immediately launched a spin kick at his head.’
    • ‘The dude lashed out with a back kick which she dodged by jumping backwards.’
    • ‘I lashed out, kicking at his shins, trying to scratch any area of skin that I could reach.’
    • ‘As soon as she heard his heavy breathing, she lashed out, kicking anywhere and everywhere.’
    hit out, strike, let fly, take a swing
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    1. 1.1Attack someone or something verbally.
      ‘she lashed out after she was defeated by one vote’
      • ‘in his speech he lashed out at his enemies’
      criticize, castigate, chastise, censure, attack, condemn, denounce, lambast, harangue, rant at, rail at, haul over the coals, fulminate against, pillory, let fly
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  • 2British Spend money extravagantly.

    ‘I decided to lash out and treat myself’
    • ‘let's lash out on a taxi’
    • ‘The other thing you both know is that, no matter how much you lash out on clothes, you'll lash out more on delicatessen.’
    • ‘Anyway, if you're in Australia, find a vendor, have a chat and lash out on a three dollar copy of the Big Issue - because it rocks.’
    • ‘I try to get my budgets right, but sometimes I just lash out the money and worry about balancing the books at a future date.’
    • ‘They are in no sense trying to blackmail parents into getting to the shops now to lash out large sums of money.’
    • ‘Neither might it have been so quick to lash out €750,000 in goodbye money if it thought it was going to be answerable to shareholders.’
    • ‘I guess I must have been about 12 or 13 when I started getting pocket money on a regular basis, I started lashing out on Marvel and DC Comics.’
    spend lavishly, be extravagant, pay out, spend a lot of money
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