Definition of lassi in English:


Pronunciation /ˌlasē/ /ˌlæsi/


  • A sweet or savory Indian drink made from a yogurt or buttermilk base with water.

    ‘Sweetened tea, buttermilk, or lassi, a drink made from yogurt, rounds out the meal.’
    • ‘They make a swell supper, especially with a glass of mango lassi, the habit-forming yogurt drink, to go along.’
    • ‘Go ahead, give them up and instead, be natural and have flavoured milk, tender coconuts, butter-milk, lassi or plain water, the message exhorts.’
    • ‘And there's a lot of good drinks as well, fruit juices and lassi, the yogurt drinks mixed with fruit, and sometimes with rose water.’
    • ‘The yoghurt based lassi, whether sweet or salty, is top of its class.’
    • ‘There is also a good drinks chapter including ginger beer and lassi.’
    • ‘The range of dairy products from the company ranges from butter and ghee to cold coffee and sweet lassi.’
    • ‘The mango lassi (Indian version of a milkshake) at this place is also to die for.’
    • ‘Famous traditional cold drinks like thandai, lassi, jal jeera, mango shake, milk shake and chuski were on display and sale here in a variety of tastes and colours.’
    • ‘Tall glasses of lassi, sweet or salty, come as a cooling drink with the food.’
    • ‘I finished off with a glass of lassi, a sweet yoghurty drink which seemed like a dessert in itself.’
    • ‘Tender coconut, lemon juice, sherbet, lassi, sambharam (butter milk), fruit juices and milk shakes - the list seems to be endless.’
    • ‘North Indians enjoy lassi laced with sugar or salt to beat the heat.’
    • ‘Don't overlook lassi, the delicious yoghurt based drink which can be sweet or sour according to your taste.’
    • ‘The Venue staff have whipped up more than 35 different kinds of lassi, some sweet and some with salt.’
    • ‘On the menu card, among the list of juices and soft drinks, lassi holds a special position.’
    • ‘There were a couple of mango lassi, 140 cubes of Turkish Delight, 12 pots of jasmine tea, 14 travelling cappuccino and 48 bowls of soup.’
    • ‘Just so you know, I kept my diet strictly in mind as I gobbled down 4 of these, finished with a tall glass of lassi, and went home to sleep like a baby.’
    • ‘I enjoyed my lassi, particularly for the undercurrent of coconut I detected.’
    • ‘Tall glasses of sugary sweet lassis were poured.’


From Hindi lassī.