Definition of last name in English:

last name


  • A surname.

    ‘I've no idea what his last name is’
    • ‘Their comments area is populated with people openly posting their first name and last names as attribution.’
    • ‘We don't know her last name but her first name is spelt in an unusual way.’
    • ‘Children use their father's first name as their last name, so last names change every generation.’
    • ‘But that could be because her last name was my last name so we had something in common.’
    • ‘Some people have only a single name, while others have a first name and a last name.’
    • ‘The FBI may use first, middle and last names, while the CIA may use given and surname.’
    • ‘Each of the women nursed all three babies, and they gave them the same last name (their own last names combined with a hyphen).’
    • ‘In there are all of the e-mail addresses of the family, as well as their names (and perhaps last names too in some cases).’
    • ‘This is where you feed it a series of base words (perhaps first names, last names, etc), and domain names.’
    • ‘The children have a first name, two middle names, one being my last name, and his last name.’
    • ‘I never knew his last name, and his first name has now faded from memory.’
    • ‘First names are always OK; last names may be OK, but only when approved.’
    • ‘Children of divorced parents are compelled to use their biological father's surnames, even if they live with stepfathers with different last names.’
    • ‘I will use this information to see whether your last name is compatible with my first name.’
    • ‘Her smile was festive and her first name was Holly and her last name has never come back to me.’
    • ‘The lettering above each portal on this road was a deep black, the letters forming last names of the families that owned those modules.’
    • ‘For some reason, middle or last names are not important, but I couldn't resist looking mine up anyway.’
    • ‘He was still calling the names of students whose last names started with an A though, so she still had some time.’
    • ‘Sigh could tell that she was getting angry because she called him by his first, middle and last names.’
    • ‘Ground rules for stories included not publishing last names or mission specifics.’
    family name, last name, patronymic


last name

/ˌlast ˈnām/ /ˌlæst ˈneɪm/