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latchkey child

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(also latchkey kid)
  • A child who is at home without adult supervision for some part of the day, especially after school until a parent returns from work.

    ‘As a child, Ivey, 42, was a latchkey kid until junior high school, when her stepmother retired.’
    • ‘Dec is the baby of a large Irish Catholic brood of seven children while Ant is the eldest of three, a latchkey kid who made his own lunch and who, after his parents divorced, lived with his mum and looked after his younger sister.’
    • ‘Now, when I was a kid, my mom worked, and I was a latchkey kid.’
    • ‘Moses ‘Momo’ Schmitt has become something of a latchkey kid since his mother departed with his brother some years ago, leaving Momo alone with a taciturn, resentful and disappointed father.’
    • ‘He also recalls a childhood without money, as the latchkey kid of a widowed travelling salesman, left largely to bring himself up after Geldof's mother died suddenly of a stroke when he was seven.’
    • ‘Imagine someone writing a Dickensian novel, in nineteenth-century prose, about a latchkey kid on Ritalin.’
    • ‘Forty percent of them say, ‘I was a latchkey kid.’’
    • ‘Perky blond Allie is a latchkey kid, her mother too rich and too distracted by her serial dating to pay attention to how her daughter spends her time.’
    • ‘I am a latchkey kid so I would just do what I usually do and suck the mercury out of broken thermometers.’
    • ‘Just because Mom's gone and my father's never around doesn't mean Trisha's a latchkey kid, or something.’
    • ‘The liberal father is criticized for being too liberal, while the latchkey kid is the responsible youth on display.’
    • ‘I was a latchkey kid, but I also helped out in the store and made deliveries.’
    • ‘He is not a latchkey kid, and this incident has really stressed our family.’
    • ‘After school, I rode the bus home and entered the solitary world of a latchkey child.’
    • ‘Marketed as a gadget to thwart kidnappings, it is more likely to appeal to the parent of an unruly or latchkey child.’
    • ‘Well, I grew up as a typical late-1970's latchkey kid, but my mother would have punished me severely if I left the house on my own and went to fast food restaurants by myself.’
    • ‘Very unlike their Baby Boomer parents, these young adults are the original latchkey kids and have grown up mastering information technology and creative thinking.’
    • ‘In a country in which broken homes, absentee parents and latchkey kids are endemic to every social class, he can touch some of the hottest emotional buttons.’
    • ‘Many were latchkey children who returned home from school to an empty house, spending more time watching television than interacting with adults.’
    • ‘But in a society with more single parents, and more of both parents working, there are also more latchkey kids these days, looking after themselves until Mum or Dad gets home.’


latchkey child

/ˈlaCHˌkē CHīld/ /ˈlætʃˌki tʃaɪld/