Definition of late Latin in English:

late Latin


  • Latin of about AD 200–600.

    ‘Classicism, however, is not simply the pursuit of the values inherent in ‘the classic’, despite its common etymological root in late Latin as a term denoting ‘textbook’ excellence.’
    • ‘It seems to have been one variety of white onion which, in late Latin, bore the name unio, meaning a single white pearl.’
    • ‘In late Latin it was ‘re-in-plere’, and ‘re-’ had already lost its basic idea of ‘again’.’
    • ‘The origin of the word ‘forest’ believed to come from the late Latin ‘forestis silva’, which was apparently applied to areas of land used by the Emperor Charlemagne for hunting.’


late Latin

/lāt ˈlatn/ /leɪt ˈlætn/