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(also lateen sail)
  • 1A triangular sail on a long yard at an angle of 45° to the mast.

    ‘Also, the fore-and-aft sail on the mizzenmast, originally a triangular lateen sail, was changed to accommodate the more modern rig.’
    • ‘An old family friend had hooked a lateen sail while fishing at a local creek.’
    • ‘In fact, of course, the Arabs' contributions to the world have been crucial, from algebra to the lateen sail, from Sufi spirituality to key discoveries in astronomy.’
    • ‘Then came the boat with what was known as a lateen sail which could be adjusted to catch the wind.’
    • ‘She sported a giant lateen - that's triangular - sail of red and white stripes with her big Raven crest, along with a sprit sail.’
    • ‘Bigger ships known as carracks, mixing square and lateen sails and weighing up to 1000 tons, could sail further and carry more merchandise than ever before.’
    1. 1.1A ship rigged with a lateen sail.
      • ‘We found ourselves at the dock, in our lateen, our things packed tightly within.’



/ləˈtēn/ /ləˈtin/ /laˈtēn/ /læˈtin/


Mid 16th century from French (voile) Latine ‘Latin (sail)’, so named because it was common in the Mediterranean.