Definition of laterality in English:



  • Dominance of one side of the brain in controlling particular activities or functions, or of one of a pair of organs such as the eyes or hands.

    ‘Table 1 presents the data for the muscle stiffness index of the left and right sides, laterality, and imbalance.’
    • ‘Functional asymmetry of the brain and behavioral laterality may be a pleiotropic effect of these genes.’
    • ‘During the 1990s he continued his work on laterality and the study of hemispheric asymmetries.’
    • ‘Issues of cross laterality or mixed dominance make the whole subject area a minefield, and I am therefore only going to consider writing handedness.’
    • ‘The second major category of error is that of defective identification of patient, tissue, or laterality.’
    • ‘In addition to handedness research, he has published on the biological demonstrations of the mathematical Fibonacci series in plants and the laterality of various brain functions.’
    • ‘All patients having a surgical procedure shall have the surgical site, level, and laterality, if appropriate, confirmed by the entire surgical team before any surgical procedure is performed.’
    • ‘This result has generally been replicated but not always with regard to laterality.’
    • ‘There did not seem to be a specific predilection for laterality, although the number of cases was too small to be significant.’
    • ‘All team members participate in confirming the name of the patient, the procedure to be performed; the correct site, including laterality; and the implant to be used.’
    • ‘He has also conducted several reviews and studies of cerebral laterality, primarily through investigations of handedness patterns.’
    • ‘The two treatment groups did not differ in age, gender, laterality of acute otitis media, or initial pain scores.’
    • ‘There is no consistent finding for hemispheric laterality of lesions.’
    • ‘He has collaborated on studies of laterality by examining patterns of mouth movement asymmetries during different tasks.’
    • ‘They question what is documented in the patient's medical record and whether laterality is documented?’



/ˌladəˈralədē/ /ˌlædəˈrælədi/