Definition of laticiferous in English:


Pronunciation /ˌlatəˈsif(ə)rəs/



See laticifer

‘Insects cut veins in plants with arborescent resin canals or in plants with laticiferous ducts that do not reticulate.’
  • ‘The laticiferous system of the scape consists of several layers of articulated unbranched latieifers.’
  • ‘These laticiferous tubules are the source of the milky latex that is used to make natural chewing gums and rubber.’
  • ‘Laticiferous cells are often very prominent in the leaf tissue, with two series of laticiferous cells paralleling each vein, sometimes even up to the 5th order of veins.’
  • ‘Chicory rhizomes or roots are readily detected, upon fracture, by their radially arranged laticiferous vessels in the bark region.’